Friday, 6 July 2018

Good Bye Term 2

Kia Ora  Blogging World

Today Is a sad Moment because I will be leaving school because it is the Holidays  and only 2 weeks of Holiday.It has been the best term in my life spending time with my friends and my little sister and teachers.This School means a lot to me.I love playing Soccer with my friends like Nathaniel,Faisal,Zion and Simon also many more.I Love Learning so much it is like the best thing for me.I would like to say a huge Thank you to my teacher Mrs Berry for teaching me and the class learning my favorite learning was about cheese.We got to taste cheese some were Delicious and some were Disgusting. But again I am going to miss Hay Park.

Photo having fun in term 2 at the flying fox park.

Bye see you later alligator see you in 2 weeks or in the holidays.

Monday, 2 July 2018


Talofa Lava,

My name is  Andrew Meet My Family,
Names:Lita,Sami,Silvia,Me and Nana.

My Family is the best People in the world and my parents.They have done everything for me and I wanna really say a BIG thank you to them!! My Family have been working hard as they can for Me and my Sisters. My mum Works for Mitre 10 and my dad is a builder and has built a very hard and creative roof. It has doors and it is so COOL because it is connected to my house at the back.

Blog you Later..

Thursday, 28 June 2018


Best Memories Of 2018

Kia Ora blogging world today I made an Animoto if you don't know what a Animoto is an animoto is a site that you can create and you can make a video of anything as an example best memories,Favorite thing you like and all that stuff.

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Titanic Animation

Kia Ora blogging World Few Weeks Ago Me and My Class Parekowhai Were learning About Titanic.If you don't know what a Titanic is a Titanic is a really long boat.I did a ScreenCastify of me reading information about the Titanic and I am playing my animation when I am reading my Information and then after that there will be a quiz for you about Titanic and see if you were listening to me.Good luck with the Quiz!!!!
My ScreenCastify will be in the 1st slide and you can listen or you can just watch my animation and have fun doing my QUIZ!!!!.
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Here is my Animation and my ScreenCastify.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Caszu Marzu Cheese

Kia ora Bloggers,

For Today's post I will be showing you guys something that will me you giggle and make you say the word EWW!.Also I got a Google Drawing to show you guys.So Yesterday Me and My Class was researching about this cheese Called Caszu Marzu Cheese.We had Questions that we had to research and they were Interesting but one question was so horrible that the questions was What is the worst Ingredient? If you know what the worst Ingredient is write it in the comment. Do you know what the worst Ingredient is it is MAGGOTS!!! I know Disgusting and I said to myself I am never ever in My life gonna eat Caszu Marzu Cheese ever again even another cheese because if I eat one it is gonna make me Think of MAGGOTS!!.
Here is a google Drawing of my Poster of Answers to the Question.

Well that is it for Today Guys
See you later!
Ka Kiti Anoa-See you Later.
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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Talofa lava Blog world,

It is good to be blogging again well a few days ago Me and My Buddy (Nathaniel) spent a long time on working on this slide. Our slides were about Perimeter and our slideshows are about how to work out perimeter.
Here are my slides on how me and my buddy were working together.

To be honest it was very difficult for me and My Buddy (Nathaniel) because perimeter is really hard to understand for me and My Buddy, But Me and My Buddy were Resilient and we didn't finish until we were done.

Thanks for reading my blog this year, I hope that you know how to work out perimeter and how to measure perimeter. See ya Later, Bye!!!

Friday, 5 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey

Hello Bloggers Today I will be writing 2 reasons about a question that was on my Summer learning Journey.The question was Do you think we should ban bullfighting in spain?.

1. I think we should ban bullfighting because it is not a great sport for people to do.

2.I think we should ban bullfighting because In spain there is not enough bulls in Spain so that is why we should ban Bullfighting.

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