Tuesday, 20 November 2018


Hello bloggers Today I am writing a blog post about the workout we did at Keith Hay Park.

In this photo I am doing squats with my partner Nathaniel. Our workout started with a run around the concert So we had to choose a letter A or B. I was B and My partner was Nathaniel and He chose A and the person that chose A had to run around the concert then come back near the sign. After we me and My Partner finished The run we had to do 50 sit ups so we did this way I do 25 sit ups and my Partner does the other 25 sit ups then that makes it 50. It was really hard after we had to go 100 Push ups so I did 50 Push ups then Nathaniel did the other 50 then it made 100. After the push ups we had to do 200 squats so I did 100 squats and Nathaniel did the other 100 squats then we made 200.After that we had to do anthor run but we didn't have enough time.I wanted to share this video of me and Nathaniel doing squats.
Here it is.
I wanted to share this video because this is me and my partner Nathaniel be resilient doing
200 squats it was so Hard but we kept on going.Thank you Mrs Berry for giving us 
this workout.  

Author Presentation (150 WORDS!!)

Kia Ora,
Bloggers today I am writing a blog post about my Author Presentation.
Our task Yesterday was to Practice our parts of our Author Presentation and practicing how to 
hold our poster still and learn our parts of by heart. The reason why we were doing this was because
to find information about our author. In my group for Joy Cowley was Andrew,Mekilini,Nathaniel,Marawh,  Lillias and Brooklyn. In my opinion, I thought it went well but our average was 19 out of 25 . To improve , Next time I will try and get some more information on our poster to make our video go longer like the David Walliams groups.
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Monday, 5 November 2018

Watching Ako hiko Cluster Videos

Hello Bloggers,
At the last day of the term Room 6 was watching some schools and there was plenty of schools to watch.The videos were so cool.We enjoyed the videos.When we were watching the videos our teacher was handing out popcorn and some chocolates they were delicious.It was emotional because it was our last day and we finish at 2:00.It was so fun we had to clean up to watch the Ako Hiko Cluster.We got to seat on chairs.
Here is a photo of us Watching the videos.
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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What's In The News This Week

Kia ora Bloggers,
Today our reading task  was to  find some news from the week.It had to be news from 23rd to the 30th of October.Today I read this article.

Interesting fact: Auckland team was losing in the first half then suddenly on the second half they came back and they were on fire scoring tries and scoring conversions.They felt on stoppable they were playing hard. Caleb Clarke was so lucky because when he scored the try it was a tie because of Caleb Clarke the Auckland team was proud of him because he tied the scores.Also Auckland was playing for the Mitre 10 world cup.

The news was:So Happy

A new word I learned was:Domestic and it means relating to the running of home or to family relations.

Worth reading? This news was worth it of reading because it is representing our city and because they also played a really beautiful game.

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Monday, 1 October 2018

Comic strip- All about me

Hello bloggers today I am posting a comic strip and it is all about me.Here it is I hope you enjoy it have fun reading it.

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Saturday, 29 September 2018

World fastest snail's

Hi blogging world today I found a article about the fastest snails.I found some Intersting facts about the article.

The fastest snail competition was held on 21st July 2018. The winning snail was this snail called Hosta. Hosta was owned by Jo Waterfield from Grimston  near King's Lynn. Hosta was named after his favorite plant.
Here is the article I found  on Kiwikidsnews.
World fastest snail
It has a video down below the article
go ahead and watch it.
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Friday, 7 September 2018

I wonder.....

                                                                         How long can animals live?

Today in Rm 6  we are exploring different wonders.Leave a comment with what you think! DON'T Google it.Image result for Mr t lions