Friday, 5 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey

Hello Bloggers Today I will be writing 2 reasons about a question that was on my Summer learning Journey.The question was Do you think we should ban bullfighting in spain?.

1. I think we should ban bullfighting because it is not a great sport for people to do.

2.I think we should ban bullfighting because In spain there is not enough bulls in Spain so that is why we should ban Bullfighting.

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Summer learning Journey

Hi Bloggers today I will be Blogging 3 things that you need to do to stay safe on a airplane.

  1. Number one when you are always  on a plane put on your seatbelt because if there was a crash coming and you didn't have your seatbelt on you will die.
  2.  Number two if you are scared of Heights just close the window and look to the otherside if you are afraid of heights and if that still doesn't work look to the floor or close your eyes.
Number 3 If you are scared that you will get like a crash you won't and how to lose the memory what you have to do is believe and be resilient.  

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

I'm little and I am a great winner

HI bloggers I am writing a blog post I wish you enjoy!
One day I was in a beautiful Forest that had leaves falling down to the floor the leaves were red,yellow and more colours that were beautiful.When I was in the forest I was hunting for some nuts and it was safe for me to go hunting.I could see my shadow when I jump step by step.When I got a nut suddenly I saw this eagle it was staring at me when I took the nut off the tree and when I started to peal the nut the eagle flew and started to chase me.

When it was chasing me I notice that it will come after me so what I did was I ran as fast as I could and while I was running the eagle started to chase me while I was running on the hard sticks on the tree and when I was running I saw my nest.I ran so fast to my nest that I made it to the nest and once I made it to the nest the eagle stopped and it was thinking and the eagle was kind of upset and after he was upset he flew onto a tree that was near my nest the eagle DESTROYED my nest and while I was in the nest I was kind of stuck but I had a idea and my heart was pounding when I was running because the eagle wanted to eat me and the eagle was dangerous.

When I was running to find a place where the eagle couldn’t find me I was terrified.I leaped over the tree and when I leaped over the tree it felt like I was jumping past a rainbow.When I leaped over to the other tree on the other side I thought that I won’t make but I leaped to the other side and I made it and when I made it I ran so fast and when I was running I saw this tree that had a hole where an eagle could not fit so I  was running  and when I was running I dived into the hole and my life flashed into my eyes and the eagle was trying to look for me inside the hole but the eagle couldn’t because it was dark and fluffy and then the eagle flew up and putted his foot on the hole.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Summer learning Journey

Hi bloggers today I will be writing a blog post about the country that I chose and more about my country.
In Australia the Capital city for Australia is Canberra.The population In Australia is 24.13 million in 2016.In January,the weather in the capital of Australia is 19 percent weather in Australia.The Capital  city is located in Sydney.The most language that the capital city speaks is english.


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Friday, 1 December 2017

Summer learning Journey

Hi Bloggers today I will be blogging about Australia and telling you why I chose Australia.
Did you know that Australia is located in a deep pacific ocean.Also did you know that there are 24.2 Million people at Australia.Did you know that at Australia there are cities like Sydney,Brisbane,Perth,Melbourne and Adelaide.Did you know that there are 14 national holidays and also  Australia day is celebrated on the 26th of January.Also the language that Australia speaks is english.Did you know that Australia they have Australian money.

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Activity One

Summer learning Journey

Kamusta bloggers today I will be writing a letter to my friend about why I have chosen the country

Hi Daniel,Viliami and Daniel I have chosen Australia because my brother and my sister in law is in Australia and I haven't met them at Australia so I really want to go to Australia.Also I want to go Australia because I also want to see some animals like snakes,Koala,Kangaroo,Tasmanian Devil and more.Also I have chosen Australia because I love the houses because some houses have some pools because as an example if you had no pool at home you will be very hot so instead I will buy a house with a pool at Australia that is why I love Australia.I will be away for two weeks then I am coming back.Daniel,Devanti and Viliami feel free to come and join me to go to Australia.

I bet we are going to have fun!.

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Activity 3

Summer learning Journey about Austarlia

Hello Bloggers today I am going to write a blog post about 3 interesting facts about Australia.

  • Australia is the driest on the earth then Antarctica
  • The Great Barrier Reef is regarded as the world's largest living organism.
  • Australia is the only continent that is covered.

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Activity 2