Friday, 25 November 2016

My maths challenge quality blog post

KIA orana blogging world Today i will be writing a quality blog post.I started  my maths it was so hard to do all of the things it took me a while to do it .I was so tired when i did it  i was so happy and me and my buddy had a hard time.We tried our own best thing that we could do our own problem  we worked out me and my buddy was so happy that we worked our problem out for the first time
Thank you by Andrew 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Cyber smart game

Talofa lava Blogging world. I am so happy that i will be doing a blog post Today
last week I was lucky enough to try the new cyber smart game the cyber smart game is cool because it is like
snake and ladders.The cyber smart game is on a site and it looks like with you tube ,blogs, and  documents with working stuff.Also i will teach you how to play you will need a die and if the die rolled to 5 you have to move forwards to get to a task.If you are high and you get touched on the end of the plug you will have to have to go down and do that task.Also it is good for kids  to learn then they will get smart.