Wednesday, 3 August 2016

cross country

Hi blogging world
Today i was doing cross country before i did 1 lap and now the teacher said to do two laps and i did 2 laps it was very  hot my face was red and the whole seniors had to come and do a lap but the juniors were at school we had to  go around the park,cricket gates and the Cameron pools every one couldn't have a drink of water on the first lap.When everyone went on there 2 lap they could have a drink and we were not  allowed to go on the grass.Also on the first lap Mrs Archer had us to jog on the spot.Then she said to all of the seniors that we were not running  she said that we  were walking and when she told us to run the Waikowhai school they started to encourage us we all were so scared then we started to run fast as we could.
Thank you i wish you enjoy

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